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Proctor Information

A proctor is an individual selected by the student to administer and monitor tests for online courses throughout the semester.  Each student must follow the following guidelines set by WSC when selecting a proctor:
1.       Proctors may not be a family member
2.      Approved proctors include*:

  • Librarian
  • Teacher
  • School Administrator
  • High School Counselor

*Please note that some students may not have access to the above.  If this occurs, we will allow proctors with a professional background.  WSC reserves the right to deny the students choice of proctor at any time.
It is the instructor's responsibility to ensure that each student receives a proctor form at the beginning of the semester.  Many instructors post this form on their Moodle course page.
Any questions regarding proctors should be directed to the instructor of your course.