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About NDSA
The North Dakota Student Association was created in 1969 as a way to connect with students of the North Dakota University System to the State Board of Higher Education. 

The goal of the group was originally to gather student representative from the state's eleven institutions of higher education working to stimulate awareness of rights and responsibilities of North Dakota students. Today, NDSA has become much more than that, and actively works to represent the 48,000+ students of the North Dakota University System. 

By working together, delegates from all the institutions identify and work to find solutions to the issues that face students across the state of North Dakota. 

As students of the North Dakota University System, we provide opportunities for student engagement, enhancement of the University System, and student education about issues affecting life. 

We boldly advocate for diverse student interest and are committed to maintaining open channels of communication between the students, faculty, staff, university system officials and legislators of the state of North Dakota. 

We serve with honor for the maintenance of open communication, cooperation between institutions, and beneficial discussion and support of all 11 NDUS institutions. 

Members & Delegate: As a member, your voice can be heard through communication between meetings and a meetings. You also can be a voting delegate representing your school. There are a number of ways to be engaged in NDSA. Contact the officers today- they can help you find the perfect fit for your passion and your talents. 

Student Affairs Committee: Discusses issues facing  students in the North Dakota University System- student life, academics, technology and so on.
Internal Affairs Committee: Manages the operations of NDSA- budget, website, public relations, strategic planning and so on.
Student Legislative Affairs Committee: Discusses and provides positions on issues relevant to students as they arise in the North Dakota University System and Legislature.

Special committees and task forces are formed on an as needed basis for use in tackling specific issues. These are a great way to target your efforts on involvement.

September 16-17: Hosted by North Dakota State University
October 21-22: Hosted by Williston State College
November 18-19: Hosted by Dickinson State University
January 20-21: Hosted by Bismarck State College
February 17-18: Hosted by North Dakota State College of Science
March 24-25: Hosted by University of North Dakota
April 21-22: Hosted by Minot State University