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Security and Safety

Security Services
Office Hours: Monday through Friday 8-5
Phone: 701-570-6699

Williston State College places the safety and well being of its students, faculty, staff and visitors first.  It is the intent of WSC to provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions. All faculty and staff of WSC promote the prevention of accidents and reduction throughout the campus environment . 

The Housing & Safety Officer has been assigned the responsibility of administering the safety program.   Darryl Whitecloud, Security Officer, may be reached by phone at 701-570-6699.

2017 Campus Security and Fire Report
2016 Campus Security and Fire Report
Emergency Preparedness Plan
WSC Tobacco Free Campus Policy

Departmental Purpose:
The Security Department provides for the safety and well-being of Williston State College students, faculty, staff and property through development, maintenance, and enforcement of college policies and procedures.  Preserve peace through conspicuous patrol, respond to calls for assistance including emergency and crisis situations, and provide other safety-related services.

We are responsible for a full range of public safety services including crime prevention, crime and incident reports and assistance in investigation.  We will also respond to all other incidents requiring emergency assistance.  After hours campus security is through patrol by Black Hawk security.

In case of emergency, where ambulance, police or fire personnel are required, call 911 immediately! (From campus phones, dial 9-911)  In other cases where assistance is needed, call the Facilities Office at x4578 during office hours, or Security at x6222 or 570-6699, after hours.

Sign up for Emergency Notification:
Important:  As a key part of Williston State College's emergency preparedness, all students, faculty and staff are encouraged to sign up for this free email and text messaging service.

1.    Log in to Campus Connection
 If you do not know your login,

a.    Contact NDUS Help Desk 1-866-457-6387  or
b.    Click I Forgot My NDUS Account Password

                        i.    Enter your User ID (same as the beginning of your email, usually firstname.lastname)
                        ii.    You will be asked to answer 3 security questions, if you get those correct you can change your password

2.    Select "ND HE Self Service"
3.    Then select "Personal Information Summary"
4.    To ensure you receive messages you need to have "CAMPUS" phone # added. You can opt to add personal cell # (This is how you receive SMS text message notifications).
5.    Also be sure to add/update your "campus" email address. You can choose to add a personal address.
6.    Be sure to select "save" to save any changes you make.