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Refunds and Direct Deposit Information

Refunds and Direct Deposit Information

Students who have an eligible credit balance on their Campus Connection account can choose to receive refunds in two ways:

1.        Direct deposit to personal checking or savings account:

          a.       Direct deposit forms can be submitted to the Student Services Office for processing

          b.      Direct Deposit form is available at:
       > Future Students > Financing Your Education > Financial Aid >Online Applications

2.       Refund Check

           a.       Refund checks will be available for pick  until 3:30 PM on Excess Aid Disbursement day.

                           i.      Refund checks for over $100 will no longer be cashed in the Student Services Office. 
                                    Students will need to make other arrangements for cashing of refund checks. 
                                                             International Students:  please disregard this.

            b.      Checks not picked up by 3:30 PM will be mailed to student's home address.

                             i.      Please make sure to update your home address on Campus Connection.

Students with balances owed will not receive their financial aid check until the debt is paid in full.

Any checks printed after disbursement day will be mailed to your HOME address in Campus Connection.

Shirley James
Student Accounts
Thomas Witt Leach Complex; The Well
1.888.863.9455 ext. 4299

Dates to Remember

Fall 2014 Semester:
Fee Payment:  September 10, 2014
Disbursement of Excess Financial Aid:  September 15, 2014

Spring 2015 Semester:
Fee Payment:  January 28, 2015
Disbursement of Excess Financial Aid:  February 2, 2015