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Student Life FAQs

Student Life

Q: What is ‘Student Life?’
A: The Student Life department oversees all student activities, organizations, engagement and entertainment. 

Q: Who runs the Student Life Department?
A:Karissa Kjos is the Student Life Coordinator. She is in the Teton Lounge and can be reached there or by phone, (701) 774-4213 or email,

Q: How can I get involved?
A: There are many ways to get involved at WSC. Joining clubs and student organizations are the most popular way to do so. WSC's clubs and student organizations.  

Q: Do I have to live on campus to be a part of events, activities, and organizations?
A: No! If you are a WSC student, you are welcome and encouraged to participate no matter the location of your residence.

Q: What sort of clubs and student organizations are there for me to get involved in?
A: There are a number of clubs and organizations on campus. Some are academically rooted and others were developed out of sheer student interest. WSC's clubs and student organizations.  

Q: Is there a student government?
A: Yes. WSC has a student government organization called Student Senate. Student Senate serves as an advocate for the WSC student body, and acts as a liaison for students, to Administration, Faculty, and Alumni. Student Senate provides communication between campus organizations and the student body. They also offer students opportunities for involvement by developing, planning, and executing entertainment, activities, and personal enrichment possibilities.

Q: How do I start a new club?
A: To start a new club or student organization, you would visit student senate or Karissa Kjos to get the appropriate paper work. Once you have filled out and submitted said paperwork, your club will operate on a trial basis. Once the new club or organization has successfully navigated the trial period, they can become an official WSC club or WSC student organization.

Q: How do I know what’s going on?
A: There are many ways in which you can find out what events are happening on and off campus.
-Williston State College website;
-Campus TV's
-WSC email
-On Campus posters and signage
-TAB and Student Senate
-Williston State College Student Listserv
-Talk to Karissa Kjos; Teton Lounge; 701-774-4213;

Q: What kind of events does WSC offer?
A: Events can and do vary from year to year. However, there are some things that TAB books almost every year. Hypnotists, comedians, dances, and open mic nights are just some of the things that seem to make their way into the schedule semester after semester. Because Student Life works closely with Student Senate to prepare a schedule of events that the current student body is interested in, joining TAB and frequently talking to the Student Life department will insure that more events of your liking are considered.

Q: How often are events scheduled?
A: Event frequency can depend on many things. Time of year or week are just two factors that can contribute to the amount of events going on. However, TAB tries to space out events so there is something going on every week or every other week. Of course, one must be prepared for times like Orientation when there’s something happening almost every day.

Q: Can anyone go to a WSC event?
A: Some events are open to the public and some are not. However, if it is a WSC event; students are always welcome. When the event is being advertised, it will indicate who is invited. If in doubt, please contact the Student Life department.

Q: Where are the events held?
A: Event location is dependent upon the event and group(s) invited. Most events take place on campus. However, some events such as bowling are held off campus for obvious reasons. Anywhere the event is advertised, you should be able to find the location and time it is taking place. 

Q: Do I need to bring my WSC student ID to every event?
A: Bringing your WSC student ID to WSC events is highly recommended. Most, but not all events require students to show their student ID. With your ID, you will receive free or discounted entry. Identifying yourself as a student off campus has benefits as well. Some restaurants and local business offer discounts when a student ID is presented. So, in short, carry your ID with you wherever you go and you won’t miss out!