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Student Code of Conduct


Williston State College is committed to the principle that the affairs of the college shall be conducted in an orderly fashion.  Accordingly, WSC expects each student will abide by civil laws and college regulations.  In order to be an effective citizen, every student has the responsibility to observe and maintain a code of personal behavior and social relationships which will contribute to his or her own welfare, educational experience and to the total educational effectiveness of the college.  Rules and regulations exist so that persons living and working together may pursue individual goals effectively. 

The following guidelines exemplify acceptable conduct for students attending WSC:

Appearance. Personal cleanliness is expected at all times;

Attitude. Students should develop a positive attitude regarding college life and educational objectives;

Attendance. Attendance at scheduled classes, college events and extracurricular activities is a vital part of educational development; and

Application. Good moral values, integrity, dependability and other high standards of conduct should be applied to daily living patterns in order to become a worthy and respected student at WSC and a citizen of the community.

Click here to access the WSC Student Code of Conduct.
*Williston State College reserves the right to change this document at any time at the discretion of the administration