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Clubs and Organizations

With opportunities around every corner, no matter what your interests, there's something for you at Williston State College. Getting involved is a great way to feel like a part of the college community, meet new friends, and find out more about yourself. Check out the club fair held the first week of the fall semester to find the organization that interests you.

Astronomy Club Skills USA
Advisor: Susan Zimmerman Advisor: Ken Quamme
(701) 774-4232 (701) 774-4207
Biz-Tech  *Student Ambassadors
Advisor: Ken Quamme Advisor: Celeste Pace
(701) 774-4207 (701) 774-4278 
CRU Student Nurses Organization
Advisor: Steven Grunenwald Advisor: Janet Johnson
(701) 774-4255 (701) 774-4290
Diversity Club *Student Senate
Advisor: Kim Weismann Advisor: Tara Peterson
(701) 774-4502 (701) 774-4213
Massage Club *Teton Activity Board
Advisor: Wendy McGinley Advisor: Tara Peterson
(701) 774-4293 (701) 774-4213
WSC Pacesetters
Advisor: Corey Fehringer
(701) 774-6225
Phi Theta Kappa
Advisor: Maren Furuseth
(701) 774-4298
Advisor: Alissa Renner
(701) 774-4242
Organizations denoted with an (*) offer scholarships to active student members enrolled at WSC.