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Tutoring Services

Below is information regarding  on campus and online tutoring services available for WSC students.

Math Lab

The Math Lab is located in Stevens Hall room 213

Normal hours of operation:
Mondays             9a-6p                
Tuesdays            9a-4p
Wednesdays      9a-4p
Thursdays           9a-4p
Fridays                 9a-1p
Saturdays            9a-12p

Please Contact Amanda Davis for Question Regarding Math Tutoring 701-774-4504 or 850.902.1427

Communication Lab

Supplemental instruction is provided to assist students who are either having difficulty or desire extra help with specific subjects. The Communication Lab assists with composition, writing, communication, and public speaking. The Communication Lab will not revise papers on the day that they are due. This allows the Communication Lab staff ample time to review your papers and time for students to make any corrections that they so choose.

For more information, please contact Kirby Lund, 701-774-4595. Students should make appointments at

Communication Lab Mission

The Communication Lab provides students with a nonjudgmental space where they are able to receive neutral feedback on their work, at any stage of the writing process. The Communication Lab strives to assist students in clearly communicating and organizing existing ideas while cultivating new ones. Students maintain the utmost agency, and are free to accept or reject any advice.

FREE Online Tutoring is Available in a Variety of Subject Areas. 

Williston State College currently provides online tutoring access to students across a wide variety of subject areas.  Please click the link below for more information regarding this service.
Click Here to Access Online Tutoring