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Dual Credit

What is Dual Credit?
Williston State College's Dual Credit Program (DC) is an excellent pathway for students to advance both education and career opportunities while still in high school. This program is open to high school sophomore, junior, and senior students, along with home educated students, who are academically ready and recommended by his/her school counselor or administrator to enroll in dual credit courses. This opportunity enables students to earn both college credit and high school credit at the same time.

What are the DC benefits?
·         Expands academic options for college-bound high school students.

·         Provides a transitional stage for students to ease into more rigorous academic expectations while remaining in small class sizes and while still living at home.

·         Shortens the time required to complete a certificate, associates, or bachelor degree program. It is possible to complete the first year of required undergraduate courses during two high school years.

·         Delivers a substantial savings for both parents and students through both reduced tuition costs but also costs.

·         Enables students of various learning styles to take courses taught either on WSC campus, his/her high school campus, on-line, or through the State ITV/IVN communication system.

·         Allows for a successful start to earn a post-secondary education.

WSC DC Application Process:
1.    Receive approval by the student's school counselor or administrator
2.    Apply for admission to WSC via our website: and submit the one time only application fee of $35 at the same time to ensure your application is processed.
(If the student receives free and reduced meal programs, the Bank of North Dakota may pay the application fee in addition to other costs. Speak to the school counselor for this form.)
3. Complete the Course Enrollment Form with school counselor.

How are DC courses graded?
DC course grades become part of the student's permanent college record. If a student is not doing well in a course, it is advised that the student drops the course by completing the appropriate WSC drop deadlines for each course semester listed on-line. Each high school counselor has access to this form and the WSC staff is able to assist in directing the student, counselor, or administrator to the appropriate form.


To view the Dual Credit/Early Entry Handbook, please click below:

Williston State College
Dual Credit/Early Entry Handbook
August 2013-May 2014