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Tuition and Financial Services

·    After a student is fully enrolled into a DC course, s/he will receive a bill in the mail to their home address.  Billing statements will start to be mailed on August 1st, 2013.  Each DC course only costs $50 per credit hour plus any lab fees if the course requires a fee to be charged. This is almost 2/3 less than the cost of other WSC students who pay roughly $140 per credit hour.
·    Billing statements are also generated to the student's Campus Connection Account.  Students may also see their amount due here as well.
·    Students may make payment by check in the mail, cash/check/credit card in the Student Services Office, or online through Campus Connection.  Payment is due by September 11th, 2013.
·    Failure to pay the bill in full will result in grades not being sent to Department of Public Instruction, the High School, or any place the student requests.  Enrollment for future terms will also not be allowed until the balance is paid in full.

Financial Assistance

Williston State College's Student Accounts department does allow students taking a minimum of 6 credit hours to establish a payment plan. Contact the department before the tuition bill is due at  701.774.4299 or 1.800.863.9455 Ext/ 4299.

In addition, the Bank of North Dakota has two assistance programs available to DC students.

1. North Dakota College Access Network (ND CAN) Scholarship helps students who qualify for Free or Reduced Price Meal Program get a head start on college by providing various levels of assistance that are not to be paid back. Please visit with your high school counselor/administrator regarding this program or visit:

2. Dakota Education Alternative Loan (DEAL) is for US citizen students only and does require re-payment. The student should contact the Williston State College Financial Aid Office for form information and questions at: 1.888.863.9455 Ext 4248 or 701.774.4248.

Dual credit students can apply for assistance through the Bank of North Dakota. This form must be completed in its entirety and sent directly to the Bank of North Dakota from the designated school administrator.

Refund Policy

Refunds, full and partial, are available to students as long as the drop forms is completed and turned into the Student Services office by the mandated deadlines for each semester. Dual credit students should get the proper drop form from the high school counselor or administrator responsible for dual credit forms.

Click here to view the Fall 2013 drop deadlines

Please note that the application fee is not refundable.

Billing Contact Information