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Financial Aid General Information


Williston State College, through federal financial aid programs and local resources is prepared to give financial assistance to needy students. Williston State College takes the position that a successful college student should not be compelled to interrupt college training for financial reasons.

Financial aid is available in the form of scholarships, grants, loans, work opportunities, fee waivers, or any combination of the above. Financial aid applications and information can be requested from the Financial Aid Office at Williston State College.

In order to determine a student's need for financial aid, the student must complete an approved application for each year of attendance. The application is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). A student who is determined to have a legitimate financial need will be considered eligible for federal financial need. You may apply over the internet using FAFSA on the Web. You may also request a paper application from this site.

A student's financial aid package is generally made up of "gift" aid (grants and scholarships) and "self help" aid (loans and employment). Financial aid may be adjusted based on the availability of funds.

For more information regarding your financial aid package see Award Notice Attachment.

All financial aid applications for fall enrollment received by the Financial Aid Office on or before April 15 will be given first consideration for all federal, state, and institutional assistance for which the student is eligible (allow up to four weeks processing time). Applications received after April 15 will be accepted and evaluated as received and will be subject to the availability of funds.

For planning purposes please refer to these Financial Aid Checklist to receive financial aid.

Summer Financial Aid

Students may also apply for summer financial aid in March. The summer session is considered an extension of that academic year. Eligibility for the summer session depends on the amount of aid a student received during that academic year. The FAFSA for the academic year in which the summer session begins is the one that must be completed to apply for federal aid.  For financial aid purposes, enrollment status is the same as for the academic year. A student must be at least half-time (6 cr. hrs.) in order to be eligible for the Direct Loan. The WSC application form for summer session must be completed and returned to the financial aid office in order to receive an award letter for that session. This application can be completed as soon as a student has registered for the summer session. Financial aid is subject to change depending upon federal and state appropriations.

Distance Education Students

Students who are considered distance education students are those who are enrolled in courses or programs where the faculty are not in the same location as the student. Applying for and receiving financial aid for distance education should be the same process as for traditional students. Since distance education students may choose to enroll collaboratively in courses at more than one institution at the same time, a home institution must be chosen by the student. The home institution must be the school where you intend to get your degree. This school would be where all administration takes place including where you would apply for financial aid.  Students should not receive federal aid from more than one institution for the same term.

Aid received is for combined credits and will be applied to combined charges. Distance education students are encouraged to participate with direct deposit where any excess aid can be deposited directly into the student's account. E-mail is important and should be read often. When filing the FAFSA, the student should indicate the home institution as their school of choice.