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Teton Promise Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I graduated from those counties, but not in 2014. Am I still eligible?
A: No. The only individuals currently eligible for the Teton Promise are those graduating in 2014 and meeting all other criteria listed in the Terms and Conditions.

Q: What if I earned my GED? Am I still eligible?
A: Yes, a GED will be viewed as the equivalent of a high school diploma in this case. Just remember that individual receiving the GED must have done so with the Class of 2015 and must still meet all the other criteria set forth in the Terms and Conditions

Q: If I qualify for the Teton Promise, can I start receiving the award before the 2014 fall semester?
A: No. The Teton Promise will begin being awarded in the fall 2014 semester. However, you can enroll in classes at WSC before that time if you desire. The scholarship will not be awarded or applied to your account until the indicated start term (fall 2015).

Q: How does the Teton Promise affect my ability to receive other scholarships?
A: Receiving the Teton Promise does not affect your ability to receive any other scholarships.

Q: If I do not qualify/receive the Teton Promise, are there other scholarships I am still eligible for?
A: The Williston State College Foundation has over $1 million is scholarships to award each year. If you do not qualify or receive the Teton Promise scholarship, there are numerous other scholarships you can still apply for. Visit our financial aid page to learn more about scholarships, FAFSA, veteran's benefits, and more. 

Q: How do I apply for Teton Promise scholarship? Is it part of the STARS scholarship application?
A: To be considered for the Teton Promise, you must first fill out and submit an Application for Admission to Williston State College.

Qualifying applicants will receive information regarding the Teton Promise scholarship application via mail, after applying for admission. The Teton Promise scholarship application is a separate application process than the STARS scholarship application. To go directly to the STARS page, click here.

Q: Once I have applied for the scholarship, how long will I have to wait before I know if I've received it or been waitlisted?
A: Once you have submitted the application for the Teton Promise, you will need to complete your admission file before you can be awarded the scholarship. Your admission file will need to contain:

·    Application for admission
·    $35 application fee
·    Documentation of 2 MMR vaccinations
·    Emergency Contact Form
·    Official High School Transcript
·    Official ACT/SAT scores

After completing your admission file, you will be notified within one week if you have received the award or been waitlisted. Please visit our Admission File webpage for more information. To see the progress on your individual admission file, please log in to your Campus Connection account. For other questions regarding your admission file, please call 701.774.4220.

Q: If I've applied for the Teton Promise, but been waitlisted, when will I find out if I will or won't receive the award?
A: Students who have been awarded the Teton Promise must enroll in classes for the Fall 2014 semester by August 15th. If they fail to do so, they will forfeit their scholarship to persons on the waitlist. If and when these spots become available, awarded persons on the waitlist will be notified by August 18th via phone. If changes in the waitlist do not result in award of the Teton Promise by August 15th, you will be notified by August 18th via email.

Q: How much money will I get and when will I receive the Teton Promise?
A: The Teton Promise is awarded over four semesters starting in the Fall of 2014. Each award is dispersed at the beginning of each semester as long as the student has continued to meet all the Terms and Conditions. The amounts awarded and timeline look like this:

·         Fall 2014 Semester, $600
·         Spring 2015 Semester, $500
·         Fall 2015 Semester, $750
·         Spring 2016 Semester, $1500

Q: What if I finish sooner or leave before the four semester timeframe, as indicated in the Teton Promise award schedule?
A: Some students will leave WSC or complete their educational goals sooner than four semesters. If this is the case, the Teton Promise will cease to be awarded when the individual is no longer a student at WSC or fails to meet the agreed criteria for the scholarship.

Q: What if I've already completed one or both required classes (Math 103 and English 110)?
A: If you've already completed one or both required classes with a 2.0 grade or better, then no further action is required in regards to those classes. However, you must continue to follow and meet all Terms and Conditions within the Teton Promise to continue receiving the award.

Q: Who can I contact with questions?
A: If you have any questions that cannot be answered by visiting the webpage, please contact the WSC Admissions Office:

Admissions Office, Rm 105
Stevens Hall, 1410 University Ave in Williston, ND