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Student Financial Aid Policies

Books & Supplies Policy

Cost of Attendance
Financial aid awards are based on the Cost of Attendance for the academic year, including all areas depicted in this table.

Federal Student Financial Aid Penalties for Drug Violations

Federal Work Study Policy & Procedure

Federal Work Study Program Manual

Institutional Code of Conduct for Education Loans
Professional ethics encompass the personal and organizational standards of behavior expected of professionals who exercise specialist knowledge and skill. Because of their unique experience and training, financial aid professionals make judgments, apply their skills, and reach informed decisions in situations that the general public cannot. This capability comes with responsibility-an implicit or explicit set of ethics that should govern the decisions and actions of all financial aid professionals.

Need Analysis Calculation Worksheet
Williston State College recognizes that the cost of an education plays a major role in a student's decision-making process. Click here for information needed to make an estimated determination of your eligibility for federal financial aid.

Professional Judgment Policy

Student Withdrawal Procedure - Refund/Repayment

Rights and Responsibilities of the Student

Satisfactory Academic Progress
Federal regulations require that schools participating in federal financial aid programs determine whether students are progressing through their programs of study in a satisfactory "qualitative" academic manner (academic standard), and at a satisfactory "quantitative" rate (rate of progress standard).

SAP Disqualification Appeal Form

Student POS Agreement