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Excess Financial Aid

If the financial aid you are awarded is higher than the amount owed to WSC, you will receive your excess  financial aid and other funds either as a printed check or automatically deposited to your personal bank account. Instructions for signing up for direct deposit are outlined below.

Refunds are issued 14 days after the beginning of the semester. If direct deposit is not set up prior to disbursement of funds students may pick up their excess check in the student finance office. Checks that are not picked up will be mailed to the address currently on file.

Parents applying for Parent Direct Plus loans may either chose to have excess funds returned to them or their student. This is set up during the loan application process. Checks returned to the parent will be mailed to the address used during the loan application process. 

To sign up for direct deposit:

1. Log into you campus connection

2. Click on Self Service> Campus Finances> Enroll on Direct Deposit

3. Enter Information in all required fields, hit "Next"

4. Agree to the terms and conditions

5. After receiving a pop up notification that you have successfully added your bank click "Proceed to Enroll in Direct Deposit

6. If the bank account information is correct select the nickname shown and click "next"

7. Read the delivered verbiage and agree to the terms and conditions, then hit "submit".