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Rights and Responsibilities of the Student


  • Students must have financial need as determined through the analysis process which is contained in the statutes governing the federal aid programs to qualify for need based programs.
  • Students must be attending Williston State College on at least a half-time basis to borrow student loans. Pell Grants are available to students attending less than half-time if deemed eligible.
  • Students must meet the scholastic requirements of the college and complete credit hours as found in the "Satisfactory Academic Progress" policy.
  • Students must be citizens of the United States or eligible non-citizens (as described in the Free Application for Federal Student Aid).
  • Students must sign a 'Statement of Educational Purpose' agreeing to use any federal financial aid received solely for education or educationally related expenses.
  • If required, students must be registered with the Selective Service.
  • Students must not be in default on any student loan or must not owe a repayment on any grants.
  • Students must submit completed and accurate information called for on all forms and applications, and submit additional information if requested to do so.
  • Students must repay any financial aid received as a result of inaccurate information.
  • Grant and loan awards will be divided into two payments; one per semester. Work study payments will be made semi-monthly on the hours earned.
  • Loans must be paid back. Repayment on the Perkins Loan and the Stafford Loan begins nine and six months after the borrower terminates enrollment on at least a half-time basis. Emergency loans must be repaid within 90 days.
  • Eligible students who are awarded and accept work study will be assigned to various divisions. The assigned supervisors will schedule the time and designate job duties for work study students. Students must certify and sign time sheets for hours actually worked.
  • Students must have a high school diploma or a GED to be eligible for federal financial aid.
    Students cannot simultaneously be enrolled in high school and college courses and receive federal financial aid.
  • Distance education students should not receive federal funds from more than one institution for the same term.
  • Students must have reviewed all financial aid policies and agree to all terms and conditions when accepting aid.