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Student Withdrawal Procedures


Student Withdrawal Procedure

Class attendance is deemed an essential part of your education at Williston State College.  It is also a federal requirement for financial aid recipients that class attendance is encouraged and monitored.

Students who find that they are unable to continue attending classes should officially withdraw from those classes.  Obtaining and completing a Withdraw Form from the Academic Records Office will accomplish this.  The Financial Aid Office and the Business Office must complete this form before final processing by the Academic Records Office.

Unofficial Withdraws

Any federal financial aid recipient who leaves the college without completing the official withdrawal procedure may receive an F in all courses.  Faculty will inform the Financial Aid Office of a student's last date of attendance in classes where an F is received.  As required by law, either the provided last day of attendance or the mid-point of the term (50%) will be used to calculate a refund for students who have unofficially withdrawn.  This refund must be returned to the appropriate aid program and will then become a tuition and fee charge to the student. The Business Office will email final account statements to the students officially provided Williston State email address. Paper statements will also be mailed to the home address on file. Enrollment in future terms will be denied until the students account statement is paid in full.

Refund Policy for Complete Cancellation

Refunds of institutional costs are calculated based on state policy.  Institutional costs at Williston State College include tuition, fees, and on-campus room and board.  Rates are determined based on the date of official withdrawal or in the case of unofficial withdrawal, the mid-point of the term.

The state refund policy for tuition and fees for all students are based on the length of the class measured in calendar days as noted below.  Room and board contracts (meal plans) are refunded based on a weekly percentage.

Percent of class length (actual calendar days                         
the class is listed - including week-ends)                              Refund of Tuition and Fees

            0 - 8.999%                                                                              100%
            9.000%- 34.999%                                                                     75%
            35.000% - 59.999%                                                                  50%
            60% - 100%                                                                                0%

Refund Policy for Class Drops

Upon proper withdrawal from a class, while still enrolled in one or more other classes, tuition and fees will be refunded at 100% through the first 8.999% of the length of the class.  No refunds will be made after that point for a class drop.

Distribution of Refunds for Financial Aid Recipients

The dates used to calculate refunds are as follows:
 -A student who officially withdraws - the date of withdrawal

-A student who unofficially withdraws - the mid-point of the term or the reported last day of attendance if available.

Federal law requires that the institution return a percentage of institutional charges to the appropriate aid program, which is calculated based on a daily proration.  This amount will differ from the actual institutional refund.  The federally calculated refund will be distributed to the Title IV programs in the following order:  (1) Federal Unsubsidized Direct Loan, (2) Federal Subsidized Direct Loan, (3) Federal Perkins Loan, (4) Federal PLUS Loan, (5) Pell Grant, (6) Federal ACG (7) Federal SEOG, (8) Other Title IV Programs.

The amount of refund returned to a program may not exceed the amount received by the student from that program.  No portion of a refund is returned to the Federal Work-Study program.  The refund allocated to the Title IV programs is returned to the appropriate program account within 45 days of the date that the student officially withdrew, or the institution determined that the student had unofficially withdrawn.  If federal aid is not involved, refunds will be first returned to Williston State College administered scholarships.

Return of Financial Aid by Student

Students who withdraw from school and who have received federal funds may have to repay a portion of those funds.  At the time of withdrawal, through 60% of the term, the Financial Aid Office determines the amount of federal aid that the student is entitled to or has earned.  The amount that is not earned must be paid back to the federal aid programs.  The portion of funds that must be returned is calculated by dividing the number of calendar days that the student was enrolled by the number of days in the term less any breaks of 5 consecutive days or more.  If it is determined that a student owes a repayment of a grant, that student must either pay that overpayment in full or make satisfactory payment arrangements within 45 days from the date of notification of the overpayment.  If no response is received within 45 days the student will be unable to enroll at WSC, receive grade transcripts, and may be ineligible to receive further student financial aid.  Students are not obligated to repay a grant overpayment of $50 or less.


Revised 12/15