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Things to Do Checklist

Things to Do & What to Expect When Applying for Financial Aid

What Should be Done

When to Start*

□   Complete the WSC Admission Application and provide all requested documents

□  Claim your NDUS Account and activate your WSC issued student email address

Official WSC correspondence will only be sent to your official Williston State email address


As early as possible prior to the semester you want to begin classes

□   Plan on how and where you will create and remember the many user ID's, passwords                                                                         and answers to security questions.  Do not share, lose or forget online security information.


□   Register for an FSA User ID by visiting,, which is                                                          required to sign your FAFSA electronically.  The student and a parent (for dependent students)                                                     must sign the FAFSA.

Beginning October

□   Complete the WSC Online Scholarship Application at                                                                                                                                                               If unable to complete the online application you may contact the WSC Financial Aid Office.                                                                   Priority Deadline is March 15.

Beginning January

□   Complete the FAFSA at, which may be referred to as FOTW.                                                                    Application must be completed each year after January 1 and preferably before the WSC                                                                         priority deadline of April 15. 

Beginning October

□   Check and read your e-mail at the address you provided on all applications.


□   Review the SAR after e-mail or mail response is received from the Department of Education                                                      announcing the processed FAFSA.  Make any necessary corrections on FOTW.


□   Respond to any requests for information from WSC, including, but not limited to :

□   IRS tax transcript is required if selected for  verification                                                                                                                               □   Other information as requested by the Financial Aid Office.

Official Requests will only be sent to your official Williston State Email Address

Beginning March

□   Respond to any WSC Scholarship Award Letter received. 

Beginning April

□   Respond to the WSC Financial Aid Award Notice by accepting or denying aid that was offered.                                              Online access to Accept/Decline Awards on the CampusConnection Portal can be found in                                                    Student Center then in Finances. 

Beginning late May

□   Inform the WSC Financial Aid Office of any other scholarship awards.  


□   If accepting a student loan for the first time, then you must complete Online Entrance Loan Counseling at  


□   If accepting a student loan for the first time, you must sign a Master Promissory Note at


□   Check and read your e-mail.

Beginning early August

□   Purchase books or follow the book charge process for the semester.  

Beginning late August

□   Check your account information on CampusConnection after financial aid has been applied to charges.                                     Pay any unpaid balance before the fee payment deadline or contact the Financial Aid Office                                                           about any other options to assist with payment.  

Beginning about the 3rd week of each semester

□   You may pick up your excess aid on the first day that it is released.  You may also receive                                                             your excess aid by direct deposit if you have completed the necessary forms prior to disbursement.  

Beginning about the 4th week of each semester

□   Be aware of all policies found in the WSC College Catalog and complete your semester successfully                                                  by meeting the guidelines found in the WSC Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy found on our website.


*Estimated time of year to begin a task assuming that you are starting your education in a fall semester. See, also, important date information at

Glossary of Terms and Acronyms
CampusConnection - Online student portal used for WSC students (as part of the NDUS) to view all information and access all tasks related to the process of going to and paying for college.
Book Charge Process - Request authorization from the Financial Aid Office, before visiting the bookstore, to charge books against your excess financial aid. 
Direct Deposit - The ability to authorize WSC to deposit, electronically, funds into your checking or savings account.
Excess Aid - Any financial aid left over after all direct costs at WSC have been paid for a semester.
FAFSA - Free Application for Federal Student Aid, including grants, work-study, student loans and the ND State Grant.
FOTW - FAFSA on the Web.
Master Promissory Note - Form to collect your signature and your promise to repay borrowed student loan funds per terms and conditions of the loan.
NDUS - North Dakota University System
PIN - Personal Identification Number provided by the Department of Education for financial aid purposes.
SAR - Student Aid Report or a summary of information you provided on the FAFSA.
Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy - Financial aid recipients must meet certain GPA and course completion rates to remain eligible for aid.  Failure to meet guidelines can result in financial liability.
Verification - The Department of Education selects about 30% of all financial aid applications for verification.  This is a means of randomly verifying that financial information provided on the FAFSA is accurate.
WSC - Williston State College