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Housing & Meal Plan Rates


Housing Rates 2014-2015

Hall Type of Housing Double Room  Single Room
Frontier Hall Co-ed; Age 25 & under $2150/semester N/A
Nelson Hall Co-ed; Age 25 & over $2150/semester $3225/semester
Abramson Hall Family Housing N/A From $850/month
Manger Hall Family Housing N/A From $850/month
                                                  Meal Plan Rates
170 meals/semester (approximately 10 meals per week)         $1508/semester
238 meals/semester (approximately 14 meals per week)         $1624/semester
323 meals/semester (approximately 19 meals per week)         $1757/semester







WSC Student  Residents in Frontier Hall are required to purchase a minimum meal plan of 10 meals per week at the Teton Grill.