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Last Day to Self-Add

Time:  4:00 pm
Date:  Tuesday, May 20th, 2014 - Tuesday, July 8th, 2014
Location:  WSC Campus and Online Classes

The Summer schedule for Williston State College runs on a staggered week schedule. Please refer to table below to see when the last possible dates are to add yourself to a class for the Summer semester. After the date posted you will need instructor permission to be added in late to the course.

Session Length Last Day to Self-Add
Full Term 5/22/2014
1st week 5 weeks 5/20/2014
2nd week 1 week 5/26/2014
2nd week 3 weeks 5/26/2014
2nd week 4 weeks 5/27/2014
2nd week 8 weeks 5/28/2014
2nd week 10 weeks 5/28/2014
3rd week 4th weeks 6/3/2014
3rd week 5th weeks 6/3/2014
3rd week 7th weeks 6/4/2014
3rd week 8th weeks 6/4/2014
4th week 4 weeks 6/10/2014
6th week 6 weeks 6/24/2014
7th week 4 weeks 7/8/2014