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Fall Orientation 2013

Time:  1:15 pm - 3:00 pm
Date:  Monday, August 26th, 2013
Location:  Donn Skadeland
Hosted By:  WSC Student Life

Fall Orientation 2013

I am so happy you have chosen to join the Teton family.

Orientation Sessions are required sessions for all new Williston State students. Attending these sessions allow us, WSC faculty and staff, to pass along important tidbits of information that will help you adjust to your new surroundings and become successful in your academic pursuits while calling yourself a Teton.

I hope you enjoy your time here at Williston State and look forward to working with you this coming year.

Tara Weltikol,

Student Life Coordinator

Orientation Information Sessions
Each session will be 15 minutes in length

1.       Let's get Organized...Organized!                                                                                       Red- Donn Skadeland Gym; Lynne Raymond
2.       They're going to help me, and for Free?                                                                         Orange- Teton Grill; Laurel Kaae
3.       Meet new people without creepin' on Facebook.                                                        Yellow-  Room 120; Tara Weltikol/Leah Hess
4.       Stuff you 'ought to know.                                                                                                   Green- Room 106; Wanda Meyer
5.       Safety First!                                                                                                                           Blue- Room 107; Mike Schweitzer/Travis Rohrer
6.       Money Matters.                                                                                                                   Pink- Room 108; Crystal Hotchkiss/Anna Vinger

*Sessions 1-6 must be attended. Session 7 is for those taking (or planning to take) online classes.
This session will only be held once and will start at 3:00pm in the Teton Grill.*

7.       How to go to class, without actually "going" to class. Teton Grill; Ryan Avery