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Comedian Adam Grabowski

Time:  8:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Date:  Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012
Location:  Teton Grill

Grab your new roommate and head for the show.

As Campus Activities Magazine's highest rated comedian in 2011, Adam Grabowski was named the magazine's 2012 HOT COMEDY PICK in their annual Comedy Buyer's issue!  To add to this accomplishment, Adam was just voted as the Reader's Choice Awards 2012 FASTEST RISING STAR, a title given to the artist or group who has made the biggest and most memorable splash into the college market.

The creativity and charisma of this 25-year-old from Chicago makes him the most exciting new act to hit the college circuit!  Graduating early from the University of Illinois with a degree in Psychology, Adam used his productive procrastination skills to put off grad school by becoming a professional college comedian.  Performing at over 100 colleges already, Adam was voted Runner-Up for Campus Activities' Comic of the Year!  His tour has taken him to 29 different states including stints at the Iowa Comedy Festival and L.A. Comedy Fest.  His clever and relevant brand of humor is designed specifically for a college audience, which is made apparent by his unparalleled connectedness to campus culture!


"I pride myself on not being sexist, racist, stereotypical, or offensive.  My job as a comedian is to get you to look at your world in a different, more hilarious way.  I genuinely enjoy working comprehensively with student groups to ensure the best possible show for each and every school and venue.  I take such pride in being a college comedian that I can do nothing but give it my all and have fun doing so!

Thank you for your time and consideration!"

To learn more about Adam Grabowski visit his website