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Front drive project to change the “face” of Williston State

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013
Posted by Williston State College

Front drive project to change the "face" of Williston State
WILLISTON, N.D. - Williston State College has been host to an abundance of changes in the last five years. From a new president, to a number of new projects and programs, WSC has seen immense growth. In that time, the main entrance of the college has remained relatively unchanged. That, however, is about to change - drastically. To put it mildly, the expansive parking lot on the south side of Stevens Hall is about to disappear, laying the way for a new look for Williston State.
"We are all excited to get this campus beautification project started," stated Director for Facilities, Travis Rohrer.  "The plan is to mobilize and put up protective fencing and detour signage as soon as July 11th."
JE Dunn, the lead construction firm on this project, is set to begin site staging and product delivery during the week of July 15th. Commencement of the main storm tie in and parking lot demolition will begin on July 22nd.
"The entire scope of the project is expected to be substantially completed within three months," said Rohrer.
Although this project will certainly serve as a campus beautification piece, as Rohrer states, there will be many pieces addressing functionality issues. Pedestrian traffic is one of those areas being assessed.
"During the fall and spring semester, we have around 200 students who walk between Frontier Hall and Stevens Hall daily," says Director for Marketing, Kayla McKeil. "With the way it's set up now, there are many blind spots and potential traffic-pedestrian hazards."
The reconfiguration of the main parking lot will include a number of protected and marked pedestrian walkways. Additionally the plans lay out a circular drive, controlling the flow of traffic in a more manageable pattern, and a nicely landscaped green space. The final product will result in an aesthetically pleasing front entry safe for pedestrian traffic and will provide efficient access to key points and buildings on campus. 
Staff parking will be permanently moved to the north side of Stevens Hall. Student parking will be moved to the parking lot adjacent to Dickson Hall. Spill-over parking for students will be located behind Nelson, Manger, and Abramson Hall. Plans are being discussed for an additional potential parking lot to the east of Frontier Hal, but have not yet been confirmed.
During the construction of this project, the south doors of Stevens Hall will still serve as the primary entrance to the main office and academic building via the west parking lot adjacent to University Avenue. Detour signs will be posted at entry points to the campus and additional entrances to the building will also be clearly marked.