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Making the Change - Kim Wenko

Making the Change. Coping and Thriving in Williston - A College Perspective

Kim Wenko, Program Development/Marketing Manager for the TrainND Department

What do you do at WSC: The majority of my time is spent developing and facilitating Community Education classes. These classes are designed for personal enrichment and professional growth. There is a wide variety of classes that are offered from Computer training to parent/toddler classes.      

Time at WSC: 4 ½ years

Previous positions at WSC: Webmaster

What did you do before WSC: Webmaster for the Rapid City Convention and Visitors Bureau

Hometown: Rapid City, SD
Why did you choose to move to Williston
: My husband was born and raised here. We moved back because he accepted a position with the City of Williston as the Assistant Director of Economic Development.

What is the biggest change you've seen in Williston: The changing landscape; I've seen the city grow at a rapid pace.

What is the biggest change you've seen at WSC: All the new staff and faculty.

How do you relax: Spending time with my family

What's your T.V. guilty pleasure: HGTV

What's your favorite website: Facebook

What's the last thing you bought and from where: new flooring for my house, Creation Carpets

What restaurant or retail store would you most like to see come to Williston: I would love a Target

What single thing would improve the quality of your life in Williston: More family-friendly activities along with more retail and restaurants.

What is your top tip in dealing with change in Williston: Patience. The city is under intense demand and growth, but with time and patience, it will be a great place to live.

What is the biggest change you see coming to WSC: Renovation of Stevens Hall