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Goodbye to Andrea, Hello to ANDREA'S

Thursday, March 19th, 2015
Posted by WSC Marketing

Andrea Heller, manager of the WSC bookstore for over 25 years is retiring in May.  In honor of her retirement the relocated bookstore was named after her.  The new bookstore at front entrance of Stevens hall proudly now reads Andrea's. 

Cheery and kind to everyone who walks into the WSC bookstore, Heller is one of those core people at Williston State College who does in fact make a difference. As Heller was deciding to retire, the bookstore was in the midst of some trouble because of online stores like Amazon.  "I have poured my heart and soul into WSC for 25 years, making me quite worried about the future of the bookstore," Heller explained.  Heller spoke to with Dr. Nadolny, President of Williston State College, of her concerns.

"Dr. Nadolny sat me down and told me I had to let him do some of the worrying and we would all come up with a solution to save the bookstore.  I kept insisting it was my job to worry and it was on me to not leave something that has always been successful in ruins."  At that point Dr. Nadolny smiled at her and told Heller that is why they were naming the new bookstore Andrea's.

25 years ago, Heller had no idea when she was a student worker doing inventory in the bookstore that she would one day be its manager.  Heller had enrolled in business courses at WSC when her family farm was struggling after ten years of drought.  When the bookstore manager became ill that summer, Heller was asked to order the fall textbooks.  Somewhat overwhelmed by the task, Heller discovered she could handle the responsibility and accepted the manager's position after it was decided that the old manger would not return. 

Now the coffee club, students, staff, faculty and community members are constantly present in the WSC bookstore to take advantage its amenities, but when Heller took over the bookstore, books were sold through a window.  "When I first started I was the only employee and was only able to bring someone in for the two rush times in August and January.  My first year was successful so Garvin Stevens made the decision to remodel the bookstore.  I was able to get another employee and we kept growing," Heller continued, "but behind a good manager there has to be a good assistant and that would have been Kay Anderson who always had my back.  I begged her to come and apply for the job 15 years ago and has been my right hand lady every since.  Something seems so right about us retiring together this May."  The success of the bookstore over the years shows in its growth.  Andrea's now has more employees, snacks, school supplies, WSC apparel, and the always-popular coffee bar.

With retirement just around the corner, Heller's concerns have lifted.  "I want to thank Terry Olson and the WSC Foundation for easing my financial worries about Andrea's.  They were able to grant book scholarships to students in the ten surrounding counties and with the free tuition, fees and books next fall the bookstore should stay on track when I depart."  4:00AM wake up calls and long drives in from the county will be over, but Heller will always be present at WSC.  The giant letters engraved into the renovated glass and the metal sign in the front entrance proudly read ANDREA'S, a constant reminder to every student, faculty, and staff member of the wonderful manager who brightened their day with cheer, conversation, and a nice cup of coffee.

"To me WSC will always always always be a place Where the People Make the Difference! WSC I will miss you..."

Andrea Heller
Director of Student Auxiliary Services | Williston State College
1410 University Avenue, Williston, ND 58801|
701.774.4296 | 1.888.863.9455 ext. 4296

For more information, contact WSC Bookstore, Andrea's at 701.774.4296
For other information regarding Williston State, visit, call 1.888.863.9455, or stop by 1410 University Avenue, Williston, ND