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[Meet a Teton] Taylor Nelson, Women's Assistant Basketball Coach

[Meet a Teton] Taylor Nelson, Women's Assistant Basketball Coach

Wednesday, July 12th, 2017
Posted by WSC Marketing

Taylor Nelson
Position at WSC: Assistant Basketball Coach
Time in position: New Hire  

Hometown: Ray, North Dakota
Favorite Restaurant in Williston: Courthouse Café
Favorite Book: Blind Your Ponies
Favorite Music: Everything except hardcore rap
Favorite T.V. Show: One Tree Hill
Family: Younger sister, Sidnee, 20, and a younger brother, Hatley, 16
Go-to Karaoke Song: 'Up,' by Shania Twain  

Ray High School, 2014
Williston State College, Associates of Arts and Science, 2016
Mayville State University, Bachelors in Elementary Education, Current  

q. What drew you to Williston and the college?
a. The people and the atmosphere here are both great. I'm really passionate about basketball as well and the chance to stay involved with the game was super appealing to me.  

q. Where did you work before your current position?
a. I worked grounds crew here at the college for three years and also worked at the ARC for three years doing different jobs.    

q. Why coaching basketball? What gave you a passion for the game?
a. When I was a kid, the first thing we ever put up in the driveway was a basketball hoop and that was kind of where it started. There's so much to [basketball] and there's a lot that you get out of it as well. You learn teamwork, hard work, leadership - a lot of life skills. And it helps that I love competing and competition, especially with my friends.  

q. What are some of your favorite memories from playing on the team?
a. We didn't have a lot of success when I played here, but that doesn't determine our memories. This past year, we had potential and we came close to that realizing that potential. One of my favorite memories was when we persevered in a game against Bottineau. The game went to overtime and we usually dropped off when it came down to the wire, but we held our ground. We ended up pulling away and they couldn't keep up.  

q. How has Williston changed since you were younger?
a. Obviously, it's become a lot bigger than it used to be. The people and dynamics have changed as well. We're a lot more diverse now, with different people and perspectives. There are lots of new places, like restaurants and businesses.  

q. What are your favorite things to do around Williston?
a. I like to go to Dairy Queen and I also like eating sushi. Biking around town or doing anything active is also a lot of fun. The events around town, like Summer Nights on Main, are great too.  

q. What is one thing you'd change about Williston and why?
a. I wish it was a little cleaner around town in regard to trash and that kind of stuff. It would make town a lot more welcoming.    

q. What are some interesting facts about you that people might not know?
a. I can spin a basketball on my finger, which is pretty cool. I also make really good mac and cheese and I can do the worm.    

q. What are some of your hobbies or interests?
a. Obviously, I like playing basketball. I really like to golf, rollerblade, and snowboard too. I mostly snowboard in Montana at Whitefish or Red Lodge. Spending time on the river and water-skiing or tubing is a good tie during the summer too. Watching Netflix is also fun and I like spending time with friends and family as well.