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Institutional Effectiveness

The creation of institutional effectiveness underscores WSC's effort to provide a larger framework for improvement and performance. Transparency, open communication, goal setting, measurement, and improvement create feedback loops that avoid duplication, result in a wiser use of resources, and bring the College closer to its mission and goals.

The Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP) is the principal driver of WSC's Institutional Effectiveness. AQIP is an alternative form of accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission that employs a quality improvement model. AQIP also provides an alternative process for colleges and universities to maintain their regional accreditation.

Williston State College joined AQIP March 7, 2007. By sharing performance results and improvements, WSC provides the Higher Learning Commission the evidence it needs to make a public quality assurance judgment while supporting and to assisting WSC in its efforts to excel.

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