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Business Technology

Department Chair | Maren Furuseth | 701.774.4298

The Business Technology Department at Williston State College is responsible for preparing quality professionals in the administrative, accounting, business, and information technology fields. Classroom lecture and field experience prepare students to succeed professionally in these career areas. Students interested in careers in the Business Technology area may benefit from an Associate in Applied Science (AAS).


The Associate in Applied Science Degree combines career-technical courses with general education courses. In the career-technical specialty field, the degree prepares students for jobs. The general education area provides broader education than would be available in a certificate or diploma program with at least 15 credit hours of general education required, but typically does not meet the 36 credit hour General Education Transfer Agreement (403.7) requirements. The AAS requires a minimum of 62 semester credit hours and may designate a specific field of study.


A Program Certificate represents completion of a one-year curriculum in a prescribed career-technical program.


A Certificate of Completion is awarded for completion of a non-credit or credit-based course of study requiring 15 credits or less. Requirements vary depending on desired outcomes. 

Programs Offered
Accounting (AAS) 
Business Management (AAS) 
Information Technology (AAS)