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Transportation Technician Technology (PC)

Minimum required credits for PC: 30


Program applications will be provided by WSC Admissions to students applying to the Transportation program. Program instructors will review the qualifications of each applicant. Each applicant will be notified about his or her acceptance into the program. A total of 16 students will be admitted with alternates selected. Accepted students enroll in program courses for the following fall. Students not selected are given priority to enroll in program courses the next academic year, and are encouraged to take General Education courses in the meantime. These criteria for admission apply to the Transportation AAS, PC, & COC's.


The student will be able to:

  1. Make troubleshooting decisions and complete repairs using the proper tools and equipment based on the concepts and processes learned in the Transportation program.
  2. Be prepared to take NATEF Heavy Duty Repair tests.
  3. Apply the knowledge of ethics laws, safety laws, and shop safety to their training and future employment.
  4. Apply the knowledge of hazardous material laws and processes to their training and future employment.
  5. Demonstrate communication and reasoning skills, the knowledge of diverse cultures, and apply health-related knowledge to promote physical and mental well-being.
  6. Become employable in their chosen field.


CIS 165 | Networking Fundamentals II (3 credits)


DTEC 105 | Maintenance Procedures (4 credits)
DTEC 106 | Introduction to Engines (4 credits)
DTEC 107 | Basic Electrical Systems (4 credits)
DTEC 126 | Intro/Fuel/Ignition Systems (4 credits)
DTEC 127 | Hydraulics/Pneumatic Systems (4 credits)
DTEC 136 | Brakes Systems (4 credits)
DTEC 137 | Suspension & Steering Systems (4 credits)

*The suggested general education course is not required, but is recommended.
**In addition to the program specific requirements, please see the general graduation requirements for CTE programs.

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