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Many students attend Williston State College with the intention of transferring to a four year college or university,and many students who are just starting at Williston State College have attended other colleges and universities.

As of August 13, 2018:
Important Notice Regarding Transcripts Between North Dakota Public Colleges and Universities: If you are requesting transcripts to be sent to any of the following institutions of the North Dakota University System (NDUS) for the purpose of being admitted to a NDUS college or university, it is not necessary to request transcripts through this site. Instead, the NDUS college or university to which you have applied will be able retrieve your academic transcript from other NDUS colleges and universities at no charge to you. You will, however, be notified if you have any holds on your academic transcripts for outstanding debt owed to a NDUS college or university. No refunds will be granted for individuals who inadvertently request transcripts to be exchanged between NDUS colleges and universities via this site.

If you plan to transfer to WSC, click here.

If you plan to transfer from WSC to another college or university, click here.

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