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Alcohol & Other Drug Abuse Prevention Programs

WSC 2016-2017 Drug & Alcohol Prevention Program

Choices abound in college - food, classes, majors, relationships and alcohol. Most WSC students make wise choices about alcohol. However, those who don't can find alcohol to be a major obstacle to their personal and academic success. Our alcohol and drug prevention programs strive to educate students about the risks associated with alcohol use, communicate clear messages about the consequences of underage drinking and provide a variety of on-campus student programming.

To access:  eCHECKUP TO GO

This self-evaluation takes less than 20 minutes to complete, your results are entirely anonymous.
The evaluation will provide personalized feedback and accurate information about alcohol use. 

WSC's full-time, on-campus Counselor provides free consultation regarding any alcohol or drug use questions or concerns.  

Disclaimer:These are not official Williston State College web sites. Although descriptive and statistical information about the College has been provided by Williston State College, the Alcohol eCHECKUP TO GO and the Sexual Violence Prevention programs are owned, operated, and maintained by the San Diego State University Research Foundation. If you have questions about the program's use at Williston State College, please contact WSC Student Affairs at

Biennial Review

Williston State College (WSC) complies with the Drug-Free School and Campuses Regulation that requires institutions of Higher Education to conduct a biennial review of their Alcohol and Other Drug programs and policies (EDGAR Part 86.100).

The 2018 Biennial Review is electronically available here. 
The 2016 Biennial Review is electronically available here.
The 2014 Biennial Review is electronically available here.
The 2012 Biennial Review is electronically available here.