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Early Entry

What is Early Entry?
Williston State College's Early Entry program is open to high school students who are academically ready to take advanced college courses while still working towards a high school diploma.

Students are considered college students and must abide by the same college course prerequisites, associated course costs, and college policies and academic regulations. This higher education pathway allows academic advancement, rigorous coursework, and career exploration in higher education.

Why Early Entry?

  • Expands academic options for college-bound high school students.
  • Provides a transitional stage for students to ease into more rigorous academic expectations while remaining in small class sizes and while still living at home.
  • Shortens the time required to complete a certificate, associates, or bachelor degree program. It is possible to complete the first year of required undergraduate courses during two high school years.
  • Delivers a substantial savings for both parents and students through both reduced tuition costs in addition to other college expenses.
  • Enables students of various learning styles to take courses taught either on WSC campus, his/her high school campus, on-line, or through the State ITV/IVN communication system.
  • Allows for a successful start to earn a post-secondary education.

What's Dual Credit?
Area high schools work collaboratively with Williston State College to provide advanced college courses for students at their schools. When high school administrators also count these courses for high school credit, students may additionally earn high school graduation credit. All courses are college courses;  however, they may be located at the high school with an approved WSC instructor, taught via distance education, or on the WSC campus. The college only issues college course credit and sends copies of course grades to the student's requested high school.