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WSC’s Delorme Earns Welding Certifications

WSC’s Delorme Earns Welding Certifications

Monday, June 5th, 2017
Posted by WSC Marketing

WILLISTON, N.D. - When Tim Delorme set out to become a Certified Welding Inspector and Certified Welding Educator, he knew it would take time and effort.

"I took a 60-hour online course," said the Williston State College welding instructor. "Then I travelled to Minneapolis to attend a 40-hour seminar."

The seminar started at noon on March 26 and ended on April 1.   As part of the online course, Delorme took a variety of classes, including fabrication math, metallurgy, and welding safety, to prepare himself for the three-part certification exam. The exam, which took place in Minneapolis, featured over 250 questions and required Delorme to demonstrate practical knowledge, as well as answer written questions about welding fundamentals and the welding codes.  

Delorme had to pass each section of the exam with a 72 percent in order to earn his certifications, a tall order, given this was his first time taking the test.  

"Even studying as hard as I did," he said, "I was still nervous. But I was confident that I could at least score the 72 percent."  

And that confidence was not misplaced. Delorme passed with an overall score of 78 percent, earning his certifications, which allow him to write welding procedures for companies, inspect job sites, and even give certification exams to other welders.  

Despite his 26 years of experience, Delorme admits he took a lot away from the seminars and studying and is grateful for the experience.  

"[This] will help me become a better instructor," he said.   It's a big step forward for WSC as well. Delorme's certification is the first step to getting the shop at WSC accredited through the American Welding Society. If the accreditation process is successful, WSC will become the second AWS accredited test facility in the entire state.  

"The more people hear about [our welding program], the better," Delorme said.

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