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Laurie Christen

Admission Counselor

Primary Duties: Coordinates tours and on-campus recruitment events, oversees Student Ambassador program, primary collaborative representative, secondary application/paperwork processor.
What brought me to WSC: "I came to Williston State College for an opportunity to work with students. I think it will be rewarding to help students pursue their dreams."
What I'm looking forward to in my position: "I look forward to learning new things and meeting new people. I think the culture of Williston State College is very welcoming and I'm exicted to be a part of that."
Time at WSC: "I just started mid-October 2021!"

Stephanie Slabodnik

Admission Specialist

Primary Duties: Primary application and admission document processor, primary DSO for international student admission, first face to welcome students to campus. 
What brought me to WSC: "I've always wanted to be a teacher but didn't pursue that dream when I was a young college student. When the opportunity to work at WSC arose, I thought it would be the perfect fit for me and very rewarding to work with the students here."
What I'm looking forward to in my position: "I am very much looking forward to working with the young adults I'll encounter and to help them navigate the admission and enrollment process. I've always loved kids and will very much enjoy getting to know the students and help them in any way I can!".
Time at WSC: "I just started the beginning of February 2022!"

Brittney O'Neill

Director of Enrollment Services | PDSO

Primary Duties: International admission, early entry enrollment, first-term advising, questions regarding policies and procedures, student worker coordinator for student services, perceptive content campus liaison.
Why I work at WSC: "I have been at WSC for almost 9 years and have been able to watch the campus grow into such a great place to be. I enjoy the relationships I have built on campus, out in the community and at high schools around the area. This is truly a place Where People make the Difference."
Favorite WSC Event: "It is a mix between registration days and the 1st day of the semester. I enjoy helping students get through the whole registration process and watching the stress melt away! However, I also enjoy the 1st day of the semester as we get to see so many new and also familiar faces! Having students on campus is just the best."
Time at WSC: "I have been here 10 years as of October 2021!"



Laurie Christen

Admission Counselor
Student Services
1410 University Avenue
Stevens Hall 105B

Brittney O'Neill

Director of Enrollment Services, PDSO, Perceptive Content Liaison
Student Services
1410 University Avenue
Stevens Hall 105H

Stephanie  Slabodnik

Admissions Specialist
Student Services
1410 University Ave
Williston State College Teton Mascot where the people make the difference